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School Programs


FHNS has a program aimed at bringing the opportunity to play indoor field hockey to all interested schools and recreation associations across Nova Scotia.

The program targets all school children from grade 6 – 20, categorising learners into 3 groups: elementary (6 - 12), junior high (13-16), and senior high (17 - 20).

Purpose of the Program

  • The emphasis is ondeveloping physical literacy through a fun, structured, and safe environment.
  • Introduce athletes to the game of field hockey.
  • Focus on creating self-esteem within athletes through reinforcement of individual efforts versus outcomes.
  • Many of the activities in the program involve mini competitions which focuses on participation
  • Foster sportsmanship and ethical play, positively reinforce strengths, and allow the athletes to enjoy the nature of competition

What We Provide

Field Hockey Nova Scotia is adopting the Try-Learn-Play pathway to introduce our sport to children at an earlier age.

  • All sessions are split to cater for various age groups (Elementary / Junior High / Senior High)
  • 6 – 8 session program run in a 6 - 8 week cycle (6 training sessions; 2 practice games)
  • All equipment along with a certified coach to lead all practises
  • End of program tournament if numbers allow
  • Umpires for end of season tournament
  • Field Hockey Canada Community Coaching Course for your physical education teachers or community program leaders

Your Commitment

  • Establish if there is enough interest from the boys and girls
  • Provide us with a minimum of 2 hours facility time per week
  • Commitment to attend FHNS Community Coaching Course and / or teacher involvement
  • A minimal fee which covers:
    • Administrative expenses
    • Membership in Field Hockey Nova Scotia
    • Field Hockey Canada news

How to Join

If you would like to register for the program or have any questions please contact:

Stephen Goosen, Director of Development. Tel: 902-471-4007   development@fieldhockey.ns.ca