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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Atlantic Cup Field Hockey Tournament Results

The Annual Atlantic Cup Field Hockey Tournament 2017 was held this week-end at Saint Mary’s University Turf in Halifax.

The final saw the Halifax Andrews Team defeat the Halifax Privateers Club in double over-time. The score was tie 1 –1 after regulation. Mike Bonin scored the game winner for the Andrews Team with 2 minutes remaining off a penalty corner in the 2nd golden goal over-time period.

Pool Stats:

Andrews 3-0 Panthers

Outaouais 3-2 Privateers

Dragons 2-1 Panthers

Andrews 5-2 Outaouais

Privateers 6-0 Panthers

Outaouais 3-1 Dragons

Andrews 3-1 Privateers

Andrews 2-0 Dragons

Outaouais 2-0 Panthers

Privateers 5-0 Dragons


Andrews 1-0 Dragons

Andrews Goal: Shane Rajaraman

Andrews Shut-Out: Scott Colbourne


Privateers 4-2 Outaouais

Privateers Goals: Nik Hakinson 2, Nick Johnson, Ghasan Haman

Outaouais Goals: Jeff Dornan, Liz Clark


Andrews 1-1 Privateers (After Regulation)

Andrews Goal: Shane Rajaraman

Privateers Goal: Ghasan Haman

Andrews 2-1 Privateers (Double Over-Time)

Andrews Over-time Goal: Mike Bonin

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