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Indoor Hockey

Indoor Hockey

This page contains the latest rules, interpretations, and videos for Indoor Field Hockey.

Most of documents are in Adobe Acrobat format. Click on the Adobe Acrobat Document - Get Free Reader icon to download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

FIH 2017 Indoor Hockey Rules (2.6MB).
Effective: January 1, 2017
Complete rules of Indoor Hockey
2017 Indoor Hockey - FIH Umpires Manager Briefings (227Kb). Updated December 12, 2016 This document is designed to provide umpires with match preparation and guidelines on interpreting the rules in various situations.
2017 USA Field Hockey Indoor Briefing Video (YouTube) 2017 USA Field Hockey Indoor Briefing
Indoor Hockey Umpire Signals - Illustrated (278Kb) This document shows you the signals used by indoor hockey umpires.
FHNS Simple explanation of the rules of Indoor Hockey for Parents (453Kb). Updated: March10, 2016 This is a guide for parents, beginner coaches, and players on the rules of Indoor Hockey. It is not a replacement for the rule book but an aid to help parents understand the game a bit more.

Indoor Hockey Umpiring Videos

These videos are meant to help umpires, coaches, and players understand how the rule are interpreted. It is always to understand the rule and interpretation by seeing an actual match situation!
Some of the videos may be in Adobe Flash format or QuickTime videos. Click on the Flash Player  icon to download a free Adobe Flash Player or on the QuickTime Player Download icon to download the free Apple QuickTime player.

Self Pass Rule:
Video explanation on the new Outdoor Self-Pass Rule (YouTube)

These videos cover the interpretations of how the Self Pass rule works for Outdoor hockey. However, the principles are the same for Indoor hockey except that:

  • instead of 7 yds, assume 3m
  • instead of 25 yds,  assume half
High Ball Off Goalkeeper1
High Ball Off Goalkeeper2
High Ball Off Goalkeeper3
These videos shows you what the call is when the ball is shot high and rebounds off the goalkeeper. Unless it is dangerous, players are expected to wait until the ball is on th ground.
3 Meter Rule Attackers take free push within 3m of the circle and are penalized. No re-take



    Obstruction1 Good example of how the attacker cannot play ball towards goal due to defenders' positions. Only option is to play ball back.

    Obstruction - Moving into defender1
    Obstruction - Moving into defender2
    Obstruction - Moving into defender3

Examples of attackers who have possession of the ball but illegally try to force their way through the defenders.
Shot Into Defender: When is a shot at a stationary defender a foul? Watch the following videos
    Shot Into Defender1 Attacker played ball into defender who was within 3m. Foul by attacker. No card
    Shot Into Defender2 Attacker played ball into defender who was within 3m. Foul by attacker. No card
    Shot Into Defender3 Attacker played ball into defender who was within 3m. Foul by attacker. Green card
    Shot Into Defender4 Attacker tried to pass ball to team-mate. Defender was more than 3m away. Foul by defender.
    Shot Into Defender5 Defenders positioned with stick along ground. No option for attacker so he passed the ball.
    Shot Into Defender6 Attacker played ball into defender who was within 3m. Foul by attacker. No card
Legal Tackle Through Feet Defenders attempt to play ball through attacker's feet. No stick or body contact made. Defender gets ball and attacker then checks defender's stick. Foul on attacker.